2 killed in Richmond plane crash
05 December 2013 at 09:08 by - Authorities are set to investigate what led to a light aircraft crash at Richmond, in the midlands in which two people were killed.

Instructor Alick Rennie and Dave Grosvenor died after a light aircraft crashed in Richmond.

Police search and rescue teams are busy going through the wreckage.

Police discovered the wreckage this morning after an extensive search through most of the night.

It is believed the aircraft, carrying the pilot and a passenger,  took off from Oribi Airport in Pietermaritzburg yesterday, heading for Himeville.

SAPS Search and Rescue's Jack Haskins says the search was called off just after midnight and resumed at around 5am today.

"Due to the weather conditions last night, they were extremely bad, we called the search off at around 12.30am and then we resumed the search at 5am.

"One of the family friends of the pilot flew over the area [with us] and spotted the aircraft in the middle of the sugar cane fields. We are just waiting for relevant authorities to arrive and do a further investigation," he said.

(Photo: @_ArriveAlive Twitter)

- ECR Newswatch